this weeks item that guarantee YOU

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Okay bear with, yes it's a plain grey sweater that I'm shouting about this week, but with good cause.  It's hard to find a good grey sweater, that keeps it's shape, you can wash / tumble dry / leave on a hanger to dry and it still feels good when you put it on.  My current squeeze, actually we've been an item for the last year, since Arket arrived in London is a classic and I've been recently wearing it non-stop with denim cut off whilst holidaying in Cornwall - yes we got August's rainy week.  Back in London and gearing up for Autumn it will be worn with jeans and trainers until it's cold enough for a proper jumper.  If we get some sunnier days, I'll whack it on over a floral midi skirt or my favourite leather mini skirt.  Go get one, it's your logo tee without a logo for autumn, you know what I mean. 

Grey sweater Arket