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Is there anything more thrilling than a high street purchase that packs a sartorial punch, year after year? Repurposing it for another Autumn to the chorus of “I can’t believe that’s from Marks & Spencers”.

Coats in my book can be truly transformative. Imagine the looks to the left without those amazing coats, right? They're the cherry on a cake to the most low-key of outfits. Jeans and Trainer gals, they have the ability to give you sleek lines that instantly sharpen up even the slouchiest silhouettes. I would highly recommend investing in 1 new coat a year and looking after it, in no time at all (once you have collected the classics) you will be set for every outfit eventuality/occasion. Here is my guide to starting that collection.


#1 A classic black coat that can be taken from day to night. There is no evening look that you cant throw this coat over!


#2 A colour pop coat that makes YOU pop, this may take a bit of trial and error. I suggest throwing on lots when shopping and snapping on your phone and then putting them all together on one of those clever framing apps and BOOM it will be easy to see which colours you are truly owning and which never to be seen in again. This will also be one of those coats that people stop you in the street to ask you to where it’s from ALL. OF. THE. TIME.


#3 A mid-tone ‘ish’, that goes with everything. This is your go-to coat for every day, that comes into its own on the weekend. Think boyfriend jeans, trainers, sweatshirt and a coat like this to pull the whole lot together.



  • The military coat - always try and buy with lovely brass buttons or swap them over once you’ve purchased!

  • The light and bright (white or cream) perfect for any spring/summer occasion

  • The navy peacoat, perfect for spring/autumn when it’s still too warm for anything too long, but you want a warmth upgrade to your biker or blazer.

  • The leopard print coat - fun and great for lifting a weekend or predominantly black/camel look.

  • The trench. Standard.