/ what your wardrobe needs NOW


Thanks to ‘The Wonder Years’ my first style icon was Winnie Cooper and with that started my obsession with the turtleneck. Cut to 2018 and it has to be one of the most useful items in my wardrobe. In winter it comes into it’s own, thanks to it’s multi-purpose layering ability. Here is what to look for in the perfect turtleneck, what you need is one that’s not too thick (too warm to layer) not ribbed (it adds another element and can without the right underwear be most unkind to ones bust area, not shiny (you know the ones with the little elastic bits that go white when stretched - like too shiny tights - same issue. What you ARE looking for is something in a fine wool with a little stretch that you can imagine wearing (comfortably) under a shirt, silk dress, pinafore, dungarees, cardigan. I’d advise starting your collection with a black and an off white or cream depending on your complexion, once you have the basics buy tones that work with your existing wardrobe.

Start your search at - J.Crew, Marks & Spencer, H&M, Wolford, & Other Stories, Cos, Topshop.


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