/ what your wardrobe needs NOW

Instead of buying one item this month to give your wardrobe a kick up the ass, why not get rid of all those items that you didn’t wear in 2018 and take them to your local charity shop.

There isn’t a better feeling than giving away what you don’t need and when you next look in your wardrobe I guarantee you will feel like you have more to wear as you can actually see what you have, remember when the coat hangers used to move freely between items and you no longer had a pile-on-a-chair-wardrobe as your main wardrobe’s supporting act.

Here are my top tips to make your edit count

(if you need a little help being ruthless I’d advise on asking your straightest talking friend to come over to offer an opinion or two)

#1 Take everything, that’s right EVERYTHING out of your wardrobe and draws and pile it on your bed.

#2 Pick up each item individually and ask yourself if you have worn it in the last year ? If not why not ? Does it need mending ? No, does it need dry cleaning ? No, Does it fit ? No, Are you likely to fit into it again without following a nil by mouth diet, No . . .  I think you know what I’m going to say . .  these items go in pile 1 (Straight to the charity shop) If the item is sentimental then pop it in pile 2, does it need to be dry cleaned or mended, pile 3 and everything else, goes back  into you wardrobe, hung up neatly in order of style and if you want to be really fussy, colour ! Even if you start off like this it will give you a real sense of wardrobe achievement (less so if you lead a fulfilling life haha) *Pile two I would suggest popping in zip lock vacuum sucky bag and hiding somewhere in your flat / house.

#3 Take items to charity, dry cleaners, get your sewing kit out and get mending (or take to local dry cleaners as sometimes they have someone who is a dab hand at simple alterations and can help with those items that would be getting a lot more wear if said jeans hit your ankle at the right height for your favourite ankle boots etc)

#4 Add some extra finesse to the situation by ironing and washing anything that you are keeping in your wardroom so everything is available to wear as soon as the occasion arises.

#5. If something makes it into the charity pile that you know your friend has had their eye on, why not pop it to one side and give to them next time you see them.

#6 Do NOT buy anything in the charity shop when you drop your items off.