The Shape Of Denim

From pocket placement, to the rise, rinse and fall of my favourite style staple



Low-rise jeans look best on slim / athletic shapes, if you are worried about creating a smooth line over your hips AVOID these at all costs as there are plenty more styles to enjoy ! If you want to make your bum look more shapely then go for styles with pockets and extra detail on the derrière. Pocket placement is also key, think about the pocket being in proportion to the size of your bum cheek, where they sit will either take the eye up or down. The higher the pocket the more lift you will achieve as this will naturally draw the eye upwards within reason BUT don’t forget where the pocket ends ( see the below, side on image for perfect pocket proportions

My favourite brands for low-rise are Rag and Bone, Maje, Anine Bing


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Mid-rise and pocket placement

I always think if-in-doubt every shape and size can’t go wrong with a mid-rise. Stopping ON the narrowest part of your frame means a smooth line across the hips will be instantly created. Also if you check out the image of the model wearing Rag and Bone’s DRE Jeans (in my opinion the BEST pockets out there) See how they start at the top of the thigh and covers the whole cheek, stopping just at the point where you curve back in.

My favourite brands for mid-rise are Acne, Mint Velvet, Rag and Bone

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High-rise denim look great if you have a long torso. As taking the eye as high up on your waist as possible will give the illusion of a more balanced silhouette, lengthening legs in the process. However this isn’t true for all shapes and sizes, never think the rule is the higher the denim the longer your legs or the better your over-all shape will look. If you are in proportion stick to mid-rise or if you are going high, take the denim to 1 inch above your belly button max.

My favourite brands for high rise are Rolla’s, Rag and Bone, AGOLDE


A Word On Wash


There are 4 key washes that I believe everyone should have in their wardrobe. An Indigo, these look best when worn as flares or in a straight cut and cropped on the ankle. A vintage wash, these look great in a relaxed straight cut, think classic Levi’s. A black with a little fade, again these look best when worn as a straight leg, cropped on the ankle or as pictured above on Lucy Williams a cropped kick flare look ace worn with ankle boots. A white or jet black, these look great in any style, it’s also great to add interest to these styles that don’t have much definition with a rip or a little turn up. All images are from Pinterest / Rag and Bone.

Stopping Points


Where your denim ends can dramatically change the look and feel of your frame. Here are my go to stopping points, when buying denim you don’t have to worry about this as it’s always different for every person and WILL 9/10 require an alteration. Left to right, up to down. (1) This is where a cropped kick flare should end (just on or over the start of your ankle boot) this style also looks great with sandals in the summer, loafers, trainers, super versatile ! (2) This is the perfect straight cut and great when worn with a mini turn up (3) This is the perfect skinny denim, a little rankling on the knee and ending at the prettiest part of your ankle (4) This is where a straight cut should end if you are wearing them in a smarter way (5) This is a relaxed straight cut / a Parisien boyfriend, they look equally great tailored on the ankle or worn with a little single or double turn up (6) I love this look 90s bootcut at their best, just hitting the floor, look ace over trainers (7) I like it when flares hit the floor just a touch and get a bit scruffy (8) A wide leg straight crop should always end at the prettiest part of the ankle, if in doubt always go longer ! All images are from Pinterest.