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The secret weapon of your winter wardrobe.  The humble jumper has come a long way and this season there are some incredible piece on the high street.  I like to think of it as my ‘logo tee’ for the colder months. Why? Because those easy tee outfit combos can simply be replaced by a statement jumper. BOOM, no more what-to-wear moments, this is instant, effortless and best of all, WARM!

Here are some outfit combinations to get you started; that denim midi skirt you wore all summer, just add a jumper. Those new chunky cords you couldn’t resist, treat them like your jeans and finish with ankle boots/ trainers/loafers. Need more? statement jumper with leather cropped culottes and boots, your favourite Floral midi-skirt or dress, just add a jumper!

Now the hard decision is which one to shop...

My jumper (right) is from Debenhams and £40 !!


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