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"What is a girl to wear with all those summer dresses that were working out just fine with a lovely tan sandal or a trainer (for less pedicure friendly days) and then one day in July you wake up and the sun's gone? Let me introduce you to a wardrobe staple that I believe everyone should invest in;  the Cowboy boot, or as some like to call it the Western boot.  The easiest style to rock are ones that are low and not tight around the ankle.  

These TOPSHOP beauties tick both boxes and have a nice bit of metal work which means they will appear lighter on the foot (even though they are black) as there is a lot of reflectiveness going on.  Wear with all your floral dresses, skirts, anything in your wardrobe that needs toughening up. You're welcome.


Cowboy Boots by TOPSHOP


and the dresses to wear with them